Rent To Own

Rent to Own is a program for people that cannot get a mortgage due to damaged credit, bankruptcy, no credit, collections and so on. If your credit is damaged and we can have it repaired within three years and you have good employment or income you will most likely qualify for our rent to own program.

How It Works

  1. We take you shopping for your new home and any home that is for sale on the market that is in your price range we will purchase for you and you rent to own the home back from the investor for a period up to 3 years. At the 3 year anniversary you are required to have your credit in shape to be able to purchase home and have your down payment in place. If we can’t get your credit in good condition by the end of the 3 years then this program is not for you as one of our key requirements is that you can buy the home back within 3 years.


  1. You can purchase home back at the 1 year, 2 year or the 3rd year anniversary. The quicker you can buy home back the better. The investor will add $5000.00 to the purchase price from what he paid for home after the first year, $2500.00 more after the second year and $2500.00 after the third year. In three years from now your home will be worth at least $10,000.00 more than we paid or more.


  1. Financially you will need a minimum of $4000.00 to pay for investors legal fees for buying home and for home inspection and an appraisal. You will need most of this money about 2 weeks before you are ready to move into home. You also will pay up to $1200.00 legal fees for seller at the time you purchase home from seller in the future.


  1. If you have a down payment you can save money on your monthly payment and you will be more favored by investor to be approved. If the only money you can pay is the $4000.00 you can still be approved for the rent to own program if you have stable income and can have your credit in good shape at least 3 years out.


  1. Because you pay investors legal fees we don’t require your first and last month’s payment up front and you pay your first payment at your second month’s occupancy date. The payment you did not pay at your very first month is postponed to the end of your agreement and you pay the very first month’s rent at the end of your contract like a normal mortgage payment as you pay in arrears for previous month. We do this to help you with cash up front.


  1. If you are interested in rent to own you go to and Art Chesters Mortgage Alliance web site will appear. Scroll down to the bottom of the page and click on the "Try Our Online Application" button and then  click on the "Mortgage" button. If your credit is not perfect that’s OK as long as we can get your credit perfect within 3 years. Art Chester is a mortgage agent and a real estate broker and will handle your purchase and financing. If you qualify you will be contacted directly to discuss your options.

    You can clck here for a direct link to the Mortgage Application


Below is an idea of estimate of payments which include your property taxes and estimated home insurance: Also if you want a home higher than $300,000.00 that is fine just let us know.

Home price                      payment with no money down       payment with 5% down 

$110,000.00                            $1,140.00                                            $985.00

$150,000.00                            $1,430.00                                            $1,230.00

$200,000.00                            $1,875.00                                            $1,610.00

$250,000.00                            $2,250.00                                            $1,925.00

$300,000.00                            $2,720.00                                            $2,325.00       


Note the above examples are estimates as property taxes and insurance varies. Also if you have a down payment and it is less than 5% that is OK as that is better than no down payment and we will adjust your monthly payment accordingly.

If you have an interest or require more information please contact me below.

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