Rent To Own

Rent to Own is a program for people that cannot get a mortgage due to damaged credit, bankruptcy, no credit, collections and so on. If your credit is damaged and we can have it repaired within three years and you have good employment or income you will most likely qualify for our rent to own program.

We have investors that, once you qualify, will let you go out and shop for a home you want to buy. Once you find the home you like our investors will purchase the home for you and you can rent to own the home for one, two or three years depending how fast we can repair your credit and get you approved for a mortgage.

Investors will provide you a mortgage at 5.5% on your rent to own program. This is a fantastic way to find the home you want and look forward to ownership.

To see if you qualify go to and my mortgage alliance web site will appear. Scroll down to the bottom of the page and click on the "Try Our Online Application" button and then chose then click on the "Mortgage" button. One you have applied I will  let you know within 24 hours if you qualify. 

You can clck here for a direct link to the Mortgage Application

Below are examples of rent to own purchases and what the estimated monthly payments would be including taxes :

$100,000.00 home $975.00 pit monthly                           

$150,000.00 home  $1275.00 pit monthly

$200,000.00 home $1575.00 pit monthly

$250,000.00 home $1875.00 pit monthly

$300,000.00 home $2175.00 pit monthly

$350,000.00 home $2475.00 pit monthly

Above estimated payments will vary according to property tax amounts and some conditions apply

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